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Compiling REN-C and making some changes

So downloading the source from the repository page And follow the instructions (we are all on Linux now right!?) in the file. If this is your first time you should add a mkdir build before doing the cd … Continue reading

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GTK test compilation in C, Gnome examples

So on the road to create a GUI for REN-C. Chosen for GTK as a first target. Taking the smallest steps possible to get a deep understanding of the nature of that beast. Followed the steps on to get … Continue reading

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FizzBuzz in REN-C for CGI realized!

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During the Philadelphia Rebol Conference lead REN-C developer Brian “HostileFork” Dickens presented this REN-C version of the classic programming task of “Fizz Buzz”. I decided to use REN-C as a new means of producing CGI output on the site. After … Continue reading

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Gelukkig 2020!

Dit wordt weer een superjaar, vol met verrassingen! Veel geluk en gezondheid gewenst namens ons allemaal!

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Leve de wintertijd! Alle voordelen van wintertijd, ook in de zomer, op een rij.

Zomertijd is leuk, maar de zomer wordt alleen maar beter als de klok geen uur vooruit hoeft. De tijd heet wintertijd maar is eigenlijk de gewone tijd. Laten we even de voordelen van het afschaffen van ‘zomertijd’ op een rij zetten… Continue reading

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Interesting Functional Programming video and booklink saved in a blog article

Recently I watched a talk from 2014 At 11.22 a book is recommended, a very nice book that you can find here. The book uses LISP (or more precise Scheme), a language famous for its parenthesis. But it actually has … Continue reading

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Waarom je wel moet gaan stemmen

Je moet gaan stemmen op 15 maart! Denk aan het verhogen van de kiesdrempel!
Leg je paspoort of ID kaart en je stembiljet vast klaar. Continue reading

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Advice for Britain in casu Brexit from EU.

Do I really need to give any advice in this???? YES YES YES to the BREXIT!!!! Don’t come to me complaining after you did not follow this advice! 😉

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DELINE/ENLINE (community effort) Part 3

The testing goes on. Focussing on /with and in particular the char case now. So now we have this code deline*: func [ check? [logic!] _with [integer!] ;– with is reserved lines [integer!] /local data [red-string!] buffer [red-string!] val [red-value!] … Continue reading

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A new Red released, now we make a program

(This article was largely automatically translated) It’s been a little while ago I found time to write a nice article on this blog. Fortunately, there’s another good reason to get something to post. Namely the 0.5.4 release of Red. Red … Continue reading

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