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Why I don’t recommend Apple computers anymore

Little Apple annoyances adding up to the point that I do no longer advocate them and looking for another brand laptop to replace my aging MacBook. Continue reading

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Simple Red CGI scripting possible

A really short how-to make a working CGI script using Red Continue reading

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REBOL is open source!

REBOL versie R3 is nu Open Source Continue reading

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Hallo allemaal, Het was even puzzelen om de site te bevrijden van het overtollige www in elke url op de site. Eerst de hoofdsite bevrijd middels een .htaccess file aanpassing. Dat ging nog vlot. De site kwalificeerde na deze actie … Continue reading

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REBOL based languages, the why and how and what to think of them?

REBOL, RED or World? When I discovered REBOL it was an eyeopener to me. A real neat programming language, complete to do things I want to use my computer for. But then development is going slow and is dependent on a limited number of programmers (1?) and there is no way to really add funtions you need to the kernel because in is not opensourced. So multiple opensource initiatives have been started to fill this gap. I will pay attention to some of them in this and following articles Continue reading

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Dagen debuggen bijna afgerond

Iedereen die wel eens programmeert kent het wel, zo’n lastig te traceren probleem in je programma of script. Steeds de zelfde foutmelding passeert je scherm, soms zelfs als je de wereld al in je source hebt gewijzigd. Nou heb ik … Continue reading

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Io onder Ubuntu want onder MacOSX was geen succes

Io Language, dit ziet er veelbelovend uit. Continue reading

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