DELINE/ENLINE (community effort) Part 3

The testing goes on. Focussing on /with and in particular the char case now.

So now we have this code

	deline*: func [
		check?   [logic!]
		_with [integer!]									;-- with is reserved 
		lines [integer!]
			data 	[red-string!]
			buffer	[red-string!]
			val  	[red-value!]
			with-arg [red-value!]							;-- with char! or string! value
			char 	[red-char!]
			s	 	[series!]
			p		[byte-ptr!]
			len  	[integer!]
			unit 	[integer!]
			cp   	[integer!]
			cr   	[integer!]
			lf   	[integer!]
			p4        [int-ptr!]
			blk		[red-block!]
			tail      [byte-ptr!]

		#typecheck [deline _with lines]
		data: as red-string! stack/arguments
		print lines print _with
		lf: 10
		cr: 13
		either positive? lines [
			print "lines refinement found"
			val/header: TYPE_BLOCK

			; To do: return a block of lines using some split functionality
			either positive? _with [
				print "with refinement found"
				val: as red-value! data + 1
				either TYPE_OF(val) = TYPE_CHAR [
					print "char type"
					;print val
					;val/header: TYPE_CHAR
					lf: val/data2
					print lf
				][  print "string type"
					;print val
					val/header: TYPE_STRING
			][print "No refinement used" ]

		s:  GET_BUFFER(data)
		unit: GET_UNIT(s)
		p:	  string/rs-head data
		len:  string/rs-length? data
		tail: as byte-ptr! s/tail
		print val/header print "-" print val/data1 print "-" print val/data2 print "-" print val/data3
		buffer: string/rs-make-at stack/push* ( len ) * unit

		while [p < tail][
			cp: switch unit [
				Latin1 [as-integer p/value]
				UCS-2  [(as-integer p/2) << 8 + p/1]
				UCS-4  [p4: as int-ptr! p p4/value]

			p: p + unit
			either 13 = cp [ ; CR
				string/append-char GET_BUFFER(buffer) lf unit
				p: p + unit
				cp: switch unit [
					Latin1 [as-integer p/value]
					UCS-2  [(as-integer p/2) << 8 + p/1]
					UCS-4  [p4: as int-ptr! p p4/value]
				if 10 = cp [
					p: p + unit            				;-- Next!
				either 10 = cp [
					string/append-char GET_BUFFER(buffer) lf unit
					string/append-char GET_BUFFER(buffer) cp unit
					;string/append-char GET_BUFFER(buffer) 97 unit ;-- "a" for testing 
		stack/set-last as red-value! buffer

Still using a lot of debugging prints and plenty odd variables. But still compiling and also now returning some results.

red>> deline/with {hello
{    all} "b"
-11with refinement foundstring type7-0-3473324-0== "hello^/all"
red>> deline/with {hello
{    all} #"b"
-11with refinement foundchar type9810-15-98-0== "helloball"

Feeling more and more confident, in the next blog some prints can be removed, and experiment with returning a block is still on the list.

To be continued...

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