DELINE/ENLINE (community effort) The road to glory!

Perhaps you really want to know how this continues.

I have to disappoint you.

This effort stranded. Even when I found out so much more nice things I planned sharing here, I stopped it.

Not because I did want it to end, not because there were some problems to overcome.
But for a cause outside of my power.

By asking critical questions and trying to help where I could, and making relativating remarks giving more realistic expectations about time of a release, raised the idea that I was the projects biggest enemy.

I was accused of bashing the project I like so much.

My ability to make things work was put down and my unability to spend countless hours to deepen my knowledge left me with “shallow knowledge” of the subject.

I have decided that enough is enough and stopped all my contributing to this project.

Perhaps the lead can have a look at my crimes again when cooled down a bit, or at least sit down in a moment of self reflection and think about the following.

Almost never accepting Pull Requests to code that the project leader himself reverts to as  ‘throw-away code’ anyway, results in the dev team doing as good as all development itself. In the process getting stressed and unappreciative for community efforts (not you, I do not mean you, you know that I do NOT mean you here) making contributing programmers stop their activities, mostly quietly, heading off to other projects, maybe keeping half an eye open to progress. Perhaps this is not obvious from their point of view but to me it is overly clear. The number of users predicted is still way less than the 50.000 mentioned earlier and contributors are countable on the fingers of one hand.

Surely I will follow the project and also will continue developing applications, scripts and the lot. Not gone away.


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