R3N, the new beginning


Some weeks ago I wrote here that I started R3N at github. Activity has been around and the repository has been taken in use for hosting the REN-C branch of the open sourced Rebol 3. Also documents have been added and on related repositories are being hosted now.

As for REN-C, the main focus now has become to get parity with R2. This means that finaly R3 will be able to replace R2.

I’ll add some quotes by Graham Chiu that he posted on AltME to illustrate the kind of progress that is going on.

I knocked off prot-smtp, prot-send and prot-pop3 recently based on the work I did many years ago.  But also did a prot-synctcp

Synchronized TCP Protocol

this sort of allows you to do synchronous tcp like rebol2

And Brian is close to porting Christian Ensel’s ODBC extension to ren-c which should also work with UnixODBC

And current downloads are here REN-C Binary Downloads ( windows, linux, OSX, and Android ) the files are much larger than the r3a builds because they include debugging, the FFI etc.

Thanks to Barry, the console is now in usermode Console Change to Usermode

You can also store multiple identities in the system/user object set-net select system/user/identities ‘gmail switches to my gmail settings.

If you want to see more about the planned development, just head over to the Rebol Community Development Trello Board

Come over and chat with the team on SO-chat (you will need to get some SO point, ask a question marked with the tag Rebol to help us get you those points)

And Barry was kind enough to mention that Brian actually had done most of the hard work for the console and he only helped polishing the code.

That is all for now, till next time!

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