Red for community development

Again some initiative.

This time it is this friendly fork of a great programming language Red. I already had a fork and it was fine. Other people have a fork and that is fine too.

But there is no place where all the developers can work together on larger projects. There is the official repository but be real that will not be opened up for experimental code from the community. PR’s will surely not be pulled there for various reasons amongst the most important that FullStack needs to be very careful of their reputation.

So this is where my fork comes into action.

It is called Freered and perhaps that name looks a bit strange. I will explain the name. A lot of names are taken on github, so picking a suitable name is hard. The account freered was in use too. Fortunately for us this user was pretty inactive so the nice people at Github were able to release the name, and I took it. So what does the ‘free’ in freered stand for, Red is in intself free isn’t it? Yes Red is as free as can be. The BSD license also gives room for creating forks and do pretty much anything with the code you want. But I don’t just want to do anything because I do like Red and I respect the work of the development team. The ‘free’ in freered stands for being independent from the original Red team. The independency works two-way though. The experiments and work on the freeredĀ  fork will not reflect on the red repo and Red development team of Fullstack in Xiamen.

The things that can be worked on are for example 64-bit compilation, the GTK3, simple GC, just make a case and get coding. The idea is though that the work done at freered does supplement the work on the official repo. No use in duplicating work.

So stop nagging for feature X on Red, come over to freered and start and help to realise feature X yourself!

There is also a couple of gitter chat rooms to discuss in:

Freered chat room overview

Gitter Chat

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